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l o v i n g the Spring Equinox…

Today is the first day of Spring…

Here in Half Moon Bay, the clouds are subsiding to sun and it’s noticeably warmer than it has been in days. On this Spring morning my pansies are in full bloom, as are my primroses and anemone. My roses are just bursting with tender foliage and my California poppies are all at full attentionĀ  – with hundreds of blooms pointed up, ready to open when the weather allows.

I love this time of year – and today is a perfect day to to do some Spring-time intentions (or Spring-time cleaning!). This can be for yourself and your garden.

What is left over from the Winter and weighing you down?

What are some intentions or plans you’d like to have for yourself and for your garden this season?

What can you do to make yourself and your garden a bit tidier this month?

My favorite place to { intend } is in my bath tub (what a surprise, right?). I love grabbing any flower petals that I can find outside (or fragrant leaves) and filling the tub with hot water. It’s a lovely place to r e l a x, clear your mind and then imagine what you would like to intent this Spring.

(Pics by the fabulous Rob Co.)



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