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Inspired by a rose…

It’s late Spring, on the heels of Summer, and I’m sitting at my desk with a fading bouquet of pink roses by the computer. The rose fragrance still lingers in the open room, but it’s gone from fruity and light, to a deep musky rose. That traditional “rose” scent, you know it when you smell it and probably don’t like it. Petal are in a heap on the desk, curling inward and turning from pink to almost red now. But before this the roses in my garden have been lovely, fresh and pleasantly fragrant. I’ve binged on the David Austen rose ‘Benjamin Britten’ (named to commemorate the famous English composer, conductor and performer), planting 5 in the tiny spot that is my front yard. They grow wonderfully, and even better with a heaping shovel-full of organic steer or chicken manure a couple times a year.







This rose has inspired me to make a new rose products in the Garden Apothecary bath + beauty line. Instead of just the traditional rose scent, I’ve created Rose Leaf – which includes a gorgeous, waxy absolute oil that brings out the fruity, warm and sweet notes of the rose.

It’s something new, different and completely from the garden…

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